When asked what she believes her Studio is selling to its clients, she answers in her typical matter-of-fact, to-the-point style: "confidence", in their dreams, in their ability to transform them into reality, in the possibility of shaping a place to live them.
Marlene Uldschmidt - a woman standing in front of a camera in a corner of a terrace  in a villa in Algarve
In her words
My force is
knowledge and
Fiercely independent bold without provocation confident solid honest and authentic
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Marlene Uldschmidt Studio was born in 2005 as the artistic outlet of German architect Marlene Uldschmidt, whose fiercely creative independence needed a space where she could have the freedom to create without compromise, so that things could feel “right” and fulfil her guiding purpose to deliver a solid project, to provide quality, reliability and trust to her clientele, whose dreams she carves out of raw materials with rigour and honesty.

Marlene came to architecture passing through Art School, where her drawings had a sculptural quality to them which undeniably displayed her attitude to work on an idea from the abstract ideation phase till the very concrete realisation of it: stones and sand, timber and glass, from a mere dream, to physical reality.

From her elegant millinery grandmother, she inherited an innate sense of style and her love for fashion. From her father, a restorative painter, she understood the use of shadows to create colour and nuances. He was a master mixologist of colours, all rigorously combined by hand from natural components and judged only by his discerning and infallible eye.

During her fashion studies, Marlene learnt to appreciate the importance of materials and textures and from her specialisation during her Architect studies in Restoration, she consolidated her father’s teachings that what was, the original work, is always the starting point of what could be.

Member of Ordem dos Arquitectos

Member of Riba Association

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