Casa Arco-Íris
Casa Arco-Íris

Casa Arco-Íris

A dreamy white single-storey villa in the heart of Algarve

Casa Arco-Íris - white Algarvian-style villa exterior design with an exterior pool
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Casa Arco-Íris is a project which remodels a 1990s-built detached villa located adjacent to a golf course in the Algarve. The concept specified the use of white marble, typical of Portuguese architecture during the past century.


Casa Arco-Íris - the white facade of a minimal old architecture villa in Algarve
Casa Arco-Íris - sunset view from an outdoor pool of a villa in Algarve
Casa Arco-Íris - minimal chair design on a terrace
Casa Arco-Íris - panorama of a villa in a golf club in Algarve with palm trees around and a pool

The use of the same material on all of the internal and external surface areas creates a collective feeling of fluidity and elegance which add to the sense of light and space. The gardens feature a meandering path that leads you on a gentle journey alongside a variety of ancient palms and olive trees.
Ultramarino, the in-house interior design element of the studio designed the ‘white concept’ for the whole interior, including the kitchen and bathroom elements.

Casa Arco-Íris - villa design marble floor and custom-made window
Casa Arco-Íris - bespoke design window and marble floor
Casa Arco-Íris - entrance space design with marble floor
Casa Arco-Íris - villa modern design for a custom-made white marble kitchen in Algarve
Casa Arco-Íris - minimal interior architecture design villa detail with wooden staircase element
Pavilion - timber pavilion inside detail
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