The garden of senses
The garden of senses

The garden of senses

An immersive experience that awakes all senses

The garden of senses - drone picture of a designed garden pathway and landscape in Algarve
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A 300 sqm bucolic garden is what stands between the Casa Arco-Íris and the golf club. The landscape was remodelled to make a smooth transition to the plot and to keep consistency with the surrounding. The garden is a carnival of senses with undeniable healing powers.

The garden of senses - architect landscape design of a villa in Algarve

The garden mantra is

to breathe walk
and let go

A custom-made timber path is instrumental in leading the way: newspaper in one hand, a cup of tea in the other, and plenty of steps to reclaim your mindfulness unwind from a stressful day or simply recharge in the middle of nature.

The garden of senses - drone picture of an architecture project of a villa insert in a golf club in Algarve
The garden of senses - daylight landscape garden design pathway
1 corten steel gate custom made marlene uldschmidt Architects Studio -
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